Opening of the PeliPoikilo exhibition on 24.9.2022

Kouvola's art museum Poikilo opened its grand game art exhibition "PeliPoikilo" on the 24th of September 2022.

Lecture series Part 4, 24.8.2022

The Games & Life lecture series' 4th and final part took place in Kouvolatalo at August 24th. The speakers feature game researcher Annakaisa Kultima from Aalto University and Jaakko Kemppainen, the regional artist of games as art.

Lecture series Part 3, 11.5.2022

The Games & Life Lecture Series continued on the 11th of May with the topic "Games as an Artform". Juho Kuorikoski talked about the reason why games can be considered as their own artform. Eero Tiainen talked about virtual reality and its possibilities in creating art.

Lecture series Part 2, 13.4.2022

In the second part of the Games & Life lecture series, held on the 13th of April, we heard Aleksandr Manzos and Sonja Ängeslevä talk about the topic "Games and their societal impact".

Lecture series Part 1, 16.3.2022

The Games & Life lecture series kicked of on the 16th of March. Kati Alha and Mikko Meriläinen talked about the topic "Games as a modern phenomen". 



Introduction to the event

What is the Capital of Game Art event all about? Introductory video clip in Finnish, including some footage from the opening event held in March 2022.

Opening Event 10.3.2022

The opening event of the Capital of Game Art was held on the 10th of March in Kouvola. You can listen to the intruguing speeches given at the event on the video, some in Finnish, some in English.