Capital of Game Art events

Ongoing and upcoming events:

Ikkuna, jossa näyttö ja siinä esillä pelitaidetta


The Screen Gallery's monthly changing exhibitions at Manski feature a wide variety of game-related art from professionals in the field.

The Screen Gallery is on hiatus until further notice.

When: 10/2022 alkaen


Lux Like Kouvola, the festival combining the art of games and light art, will be organized again this year!

Call for proposals starts during February.


Game workshops for local primary schools

Game Design and Game Programming students from Xamk organize game making workshops for local primary school pupils. In the Autumn of 2022 and Spring 2023 a workshop will be held in the school of Inkeroinen.

September 2022 - Spring 2023

Past events:

Pelipoikilo - Poikilo museums’ grand exhibition 2022

The art of games will take over Kouvola's art museum Poikilo in the Autumn. The main focus of the exhibition is in game art that addresses real life phenomena. In the exhibition you get to experience the games by playing them yourself!

The exhibition is open during 25.9.2022-8.1.2023


The content of the event changes during the month and includes for example game art, work from the game industry professionals, game making workshops, communal activities, game nostalgia and of course, gaming! 


Peliä Taiteeseen workshops

Peliä Taiteeseen is a series of workshops for local artists. The meaning of the workshops is to find inspiration and new ways of making art by studying games and gamification. Registrations by 9th of September.

Dates: 28.-29.9., 20.10. and 24.11.2022

Game design competition

The winners of the Kouvola Games 22 Game Design Competition were announced on the 3rd of November!

Competition time:

Let's Make A Game! Weekend camp

A free game design camp for 15-29 year-olds taking place in the idyllic Anjala Youth Centre in October. In the camp the participators will get to design their own digital or board game and get advice from experienced game designers.

The camp will be held on the 7-9th of October.
Registration by 15th of September.

Kouvola minecraft

Kouvola's 3D-model in Minecraft. The players can create their ideal Kouvola.

Julkaisu 3.11.2022

Life & Games - Lecture series

Life & Games lecture series consists of four interesting lectures. The lectures are open for the public and they will be streamed.

Dates for the lectures:
Wednesdays 16.3., 13.4., 11.5., and 24.8.

The Opening Event - Capital of Game Art

The opening event of Capital of Game Art will be held at Kouvolatalo.

March 10th, 2022 from 12am to 2pm.