Capital of game art

The art of games can
be seen and heard throughout Kouvola

A unique set of events arrives in Kouvola. Dive into the world of game art with exhibitions, lectures and interesting events.

The 3rd part of the lecture series

Organized by Poikilo and Taike and funded by Wihuri, The Games & Life Lecture Series continued on the 11th of May with the topic "Games as an Artform". Juho Kuorikoski talked about the reason why games can be considered as their own artform. Eero Tiainen talked about virtual reality and its possibilities in creating art. Watch the super interesting lecture below!

Capital of Game Art 2022 – 2023

Kouvola is the Capital of Game Art, an international event in 2022 and 2023. The art of games will be presented through striking events, exhibitions, cooperation with educational institutions, public lectures and competitions. The capital of game art highlights the versatility of games as well as games as part of contemporary culture and self-expression. Art of games is presented as a broad social phenomenon and an interpreter of the present.


Did you miss an event? Don't worry, you can watch the events later here!

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KouvolaGames22 is in search of the best Kouvola-themed games and is now open for entries!

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Musicon Mikkeli

Anime and game music event Musicon will be held in Mikkeli in co-operation with Mikkeli Music Festival on the 13-15th of May!

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Column by Jaakko Kemppainen

Regional game artist Jaakko Kemppainen: "It is possible to experience game art throughout the city in Kouvola."

What does the art of games mean?

What does the term "game art" mean? Jaakko Kemppainen explains!

What to look forward to?

The Capital of Game Art event series will consist of lectures, exhibitions, workshops and more. Remember to also check out the research and development projects and satellite events!