Lecturer: Jaakko Kemppainen

Jaakko Kemppainen, who works as the Regional Artist of Games as Art at the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, has earned his living from games for more than 20 years. He ended up in the gaming industry through happy coincidences, guided by his passion for role-playing games, the demo scene and multimedia programming. During his career, he has programmed, produced and designed games for numerous different environments and target groups. Curiosity and desire to experiment have guided his career to the first waves of many phenomena - which has sometimes resulted in bankruptcies and disappointments. As a counterweight to the hectic and demanding work, he designs various games, combining his other hobbies and subjects of interest without the rush and pressure of success. In addition to making games, he has also taught game design, researched games and game makers, and written two books about making games.