Free City Of Games

The World of Games opens in Kouvola in November

The Free City of Games is an event held in Kouvola in November (1.-30.11.2022) as a part of the Capitalof Game Art-project. The event is all about freedom and creativity. The purpose is to bring gaming activities and game art to the city centre and inspire people to enjoy games together. Game designers, artists, game companies, game hobbyists and others are offered facilities to showcase their work and activities, so that everyone can enjoy them. The event will be held in the centre of Kouvola and it will be open for the public.

We are looking for works related to the art of games, gaming organizers and players. The nature of the proposals can be for example: board game clubs, game clubs, game art exhibitions, demonstrations of new games, group game activities. The works can be complete playable games or immersive experiences, but they could also be fan art or machinima videos. The works and activities must be located indoors.  

The artist/designer/creator proposing the work must have full copyright for the work or works they propose.If you have a proposal for the Free City of Games, this is your chance to shine! See the instructions and go to the submissions page from below!


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