Join the Free City of Games!

The Free City of Games offers different kinds of spaces from gallery to pop-up space for game artists and creators in the centre of Kouvola in November 2022. Reservations for activities and presentation of works can be made for a duration of 1-7 days. The event proposals can be made between 14.6.2022 and 1.10.2022, during which facilities will be reserved for individuals and groups in the order of registration. Opening hours and supervision of the space will be agreed on with the creators individually.  

The works and activities proposed for the Free City of Games will be checked in advance. We hope to see inspiring and creative activities. Tell us what you would like to do in the centre of Kouvola!

Propose your own gamified piece of art or game related activity for the Free City of Games held in November by filling in the form below or sending the information via email to capitalofgameart(at) See the instructions before submitting the proposal here.

All applicants will be notified of the selection by the end of October 2022 at the latest.

The Free City of Games Art and Activity Proposals

The contact information collected with the form will only be used to organize the Free City of Games event, and the information will be deleted after the event is held.